Flight Introductory Programme

This flying escapade is designed for the bold and audacious populace. If you are looking for a new electrifying adventure, this programme is definitely for you. After a pre-flight safety briefing, you will be cruising through the sky taking in magnificent views in this thrilling experience. This introductory flight gives you a sneak preview on safety measures and other related features when piloting the aircraft. It is a foretaste to promote recreational flying and certainly an opportunity that must not be missed.

The flight takes a good 30 minutes. In addition, we will explain the pre-flight inspection, have you help the pilot check the aircraft, then run through the checklists before you start the engine. Let’s have a look at the scenery of KL city area or the coastal line of Port Klang from Altitude.

How to register?

1. Participant to contact FAS Udara Flying Club
2. FAS Udara Flying Club Staff to coordinate
3. Participant to make payment to FAS Udara Flying Club upon confirmation of flight intro bookings
4. FAS Udara Flying Club to provide participant with confirmation slip/document
5. Participant to reveal slip to security when entering into Sapura Aero
6. Participant to hand over the slip to FUFC staff prior to flying

For further enquiries or pricing information, please contact us.

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